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Commerical Kitchen Exhaust & Hood Cleaning
Mitigation & Remediation


Who we are

  • We are locally owned and operated

  • Our company is staffed 24-Hours a day

  • When you call, you’ll talk to a live person (not an automated service)

  • We have some of the most experienced technicians in the market

  • Each safety plan we develop is customized to our customers’ needs

  • We live in the communities we service and want to protect everyone we can


About us

The MANNZ Team, Inc. strives to be the benchmark of excellence against which our competition measures themselves. Our mission is to keep your exhaust hood system, kitchen and equipment running efficiently. We perform our service according to the NFPA#96 (National Fire Protection Association #96).

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a life-saving fire and safety service, but method and quality of service vary dramatically from company to company. MANNZ Team, Inc. kitchen exhaust cleaning service with high standards, developed over the past 25 years of experience. MANNZ Team, Inc. kitchen exhaust cleaning service is the definition of clean and safe in the industry.


Our Services

MANNZ Team, Inc. is improving everyday to provide our customer just the Best Quality in cleaning and service your entire kitchen. Our technicians are professional, friendly and highly trained using the best equipment and techniques.


Service & Maintenance

Exhaust Hood: We clean the entire exhaust hood system, front roof top to bottom hood. We clean with hot water and commercial degreaser and once it is dry we polish your hood.

Exhaust Fan: We clean with hot water and commercial degreaser until it is clean to barrel metal. We clean inside the fan, under the fan and outside the fan.

Duct-work: We clean the entire Duct-work system, front roof top to bottom hood. We scrape first then clean with hot water and commercial degreaser, we repeat the process until it is clean down to the metal. We also install access panels to ensure we clean the entire duct system.

Baffle Filters: We clean, Sanitize the baffle filters. We soak in hot water with commercial degreaser, rinse and let it dry at room temperature.

Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems:


Each Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression System is installed to specifications that are predetermined based on flow rates, nozzle pressures, and quantities of extinguishing agent for each hazard based on size and other such factors. Every six months these systems are required to have a full maintenance overhaul to guarantee their operation in the event of a fire.

This inspection covers the entire system. The system cylinders are recertified and chemical type is checked for correct intended use. The application nozzles and pipes are inspected for any potential blockages and for proper coverage. Also, detection lines are set to correct temperatures and tested to guarantee activation in the event of a fire, automatically and manually

Fire Extinguisher Inspection:  

MANNZ Team, Inc. is licensed to perform Fire Extinguisher inspections.  The servicing of fire extinguishers is mandated by NFPA 10. These services are to be performed once a year and are done to guarantee proper function.

All Fire Extinguishers that we service are inspected and recharged in accordance with federal, state, and county requirements.


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